CHARGE produces Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) powertrain that stands for increased efficiency and requires no charging infrastructure.

CHARGE sublicenses its technology to OEMs, which enables automakers to launch novel vehicles based on the CHARGE platform.


While CHARGE technology could target various transportation segments, we have chosen to focus on creating a flexible platform for commercial vehicles — currently the most expensive, polluting, and inefficient means of transportation.

Taxi cab*
2,4 l/100km certified
City bus


Implementing CHARGE technology provides at least 3 times better fuel efficiency in comparison with I.C.E. analogues; at the same time it ensures significantly higher carrying capacity and reduces environmental impact.

The production costs of Range Extended Electrical Vehicles are kept comparable to those of I.C.E.

TCO advantages

  • 3x better fuel efficiency comparing to I.C.E. analogues
  • Lower maintenance costs


  • Meets EURO6+ requirments
  • СО2 emissions < 50g/km
  • Zero-emission mode
  • Less noise pollution by 10db.

* Distribution rights belong to Ecotive

Higher payload

  • Significantly reduced weight of powertrain
  • 50% higher carrying capacity

Smart driving

  • No gearbox
  • Off-road abilities via 4x4 drive and digital differential
  • Sharper turning angle

Fleet management

  • Telemetry system tailored to fleet management: vehicle technical data, geographical position, analysis of driving habits, REEV performance, etc.
  • Big-data tool to improve fleet performance: duty cycles, mileage, downtime, fuel consumption, etc.
  • Security and accident emergency response system


Charge is an engineering company with representation in the UK, Switzerland, China, and Russia.

CHARGE is a member of a group of high-tech companies with passion for new energy innovations and transportation. Among the related business units are Lotus F1 Team, Frazer-Nash, Yota Devices, Ecotive.